Global outlook

FRAmericas is built on the concept that all social phenomena are inter-connected and global in nature, and on the belief that investing in human knowledge would maximize the benefit of this inter-connection. Economic stability in the poorest parts of the world reduces pressure on the richest regions; control of environmental degradation in developing countries amounts to sustained ecosystem services locally, but also to reduced risks of climate change impacts for the rest of the world; knowledge generated in one region of the planet can be hugely useful and consequential in another.
FRAmericas also believes that new technologies bid great promise to allow countries to leapfrog to better, more inclusive and democratic futures, as technology innovation can multiply the reach and benefits of development investment, and touch wider audiences that could not have been easily reached by more conventional means. The accelerated pace at which technology innovation grows must be harnessed to put it to use to improve the conditions of all humanity, not only of the privileged few. Societies based on technology innovation and knowledge products are societies with the potential to become more egalitarian, more equitable and more prosperous in a sustainable way.
While large international organizations such as the United Nations and Multi-Lateral Development Banks work to create this balance at a macro scale, there is ample room and need for interventions at the local level, where citizens on both sides of the spectrum can act directly to positively affect one another. This is the realm of non-for-profits such as FRAmericas: the creation of bridges between citizens and private organizations worldwide, who believe in the value of individual actions to achieve global impacts. FRAmericas aims to give individuals a choice in the way their tax dollars are used: through the central government accounts, or in clearly identified, transparently managed, and directly beneficial projects and actions that benefit many while at the same time generate global public goods such as social stability and a sustainable environment.
FRAmericas’ global vocation is reflected in its own history: born in Italy and acting in Europe in coordination with the OECD; incorporated in the USA and working for developing countries in the three continents it also fosters south-south cooperation among them. FRAmericas uses all possible connections and networks to maximize the impact of its activities. Through FRAmericas, citizens of all countries gain a window to other realities and other perspectives. Through FRAmericas, individuals and private organizations are empowered to take action locally and achieve results globally.


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