1. IKEP PROGRAM: Design and implementation of development projects through its International Knowledge Economy Program

IKEP provides technical assistance to Governments and direct financial assistance to practitioners for the development and application of ICT and innovation to development strategies, tools and products. IKEP utilizes the latest information and communication technologies to foster the creation and expansion of the Knowledge Society in developing countries.
At the country or “macro” level, IKEP fosters planning tools that exploit a country’s comparative advantage through investment in sectors whose growth is based on the capture and dissemination of knowledge, as a tradable good. Typically, these projects will seek to identify where the knowledge capital of a given country lays, whether it is in the wealth of traditional knowledge accumulated by local communities; or new knowledge derived from original research; or knowledge adapted from other sources to conform to the needs of a certain client group. At the organization or “micro” level, IKEP fosters growth strategies aimed at increasing effectiveness, efficiency or coverage, by fostering improved management of existing or newly acquired knowledge available to the organization.
To promote the expansion of Knowledge Societies whether at the macro or micro levels, IKEP fosters the application of an architecture which includes the simultaneous and coordinated implementation of action in five areas: research in technology innovation; investment in education; social inclusion; expansion of ICT infrastructure; and the establishment of enabling government policies, including intellectual property rights. It is the simultaneity of the intervention in several fields that distinguishes IKEP’s approach to development from other –more conventional– methods, which are typically sector-specific; IKEP’s approach bears greater promise to achieve durable solutions to the complex problems faced by low-income communities and developing countries in general.
FRAmericas develops strategic project ideas and project financing in favor of developing countries with active participation of potential beneficiaries. IKEP projects also promote south-south cooperation to multiply the impact of project financing.

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2. ICT4DEVIS PROGRAM : Life-long learning and skills enhancements program

FRAmericas’ Information and Communication Technology for Development International School (ICT4DEVIS) provides life-long learning opportunities for those interested in bridging internet-related applications to development needs. ICT4DEVIS offers formal education and training opportunities for students and practitioners of any age interested in furthering their education in the fields of technology and innovation for international development.
FRAmericas uses this program to prepare the future “change agents” in the field of ICT and all technology innovation applications for development. Sessions are organized and hosted by prestigious Universities worldwide offering conceptual and practical contents to bridge technology to development.Sessions involve in-person participation as well as simultaneous distance learning facilities. Students and interested parties –individually or in groups—of all ages and from different backgrounds are encouraged to participate. Previous sessions have been organized and hosted by the University of Insubria, Como, Italy; and by the Interactive Robots and Media Lab & the Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab at NCSR “Demokritos”, in Athens, Greece, in collaboration with the ARCOMEM and SOCIALSENSOR FP7 ICT research projects of the European Union.

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3. AKNOS PROGRAM : Networking , advocacy and outreach program

Using the platform “Academy for Knowledge Society” (AKNOS) FRAmericas disseminates best practices in worldwide efforts to foster knowledge-based economic growth and local action of global significance, through networks, fora, advocacy and publications. FRAmericas acts as a hub for current, former and future development practitioners interested in pursuing the promise of new technologies to achieve development objectives at an accelerated rate and with a wider reach. FRAmericas aims to build a strong network of experts, decision-makers, researchers, opinion leaders and regular citizens and it provides a forum where each can have a voice and express an opinion on the topics on the table. To do this, FRAmericas makes use of state-of-the-art Web-based information and the latest telecommunications technology to host Webinars where this discussion can take place. Observations derived from these virtual and in-person meetings are immediately available to the public. Special publications and documents are prepared for target audiences, to facilitate advocacy, dissertation, and outreach.


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